CIPP Case Histories

It is one thing to hear about the attributes of a company and its products from the company itself. It can be a more enlightening experience to hear the same comparisons from their customers. LightStream, LP encourages anyone comparing CIPP products and their associated technologies to do their due diligence in researching the marketplace.

The following are a few examples of why LightStream, LP pipe rehab technology was chosen to provide products and services to a wide variety of customers.

City of San Diego, California
The City of San Diego was and is a pioneer in the use of ultraviolet CIPP liners. LightStream, LP works with Erreca’s Inc. of Lakeside California for installation of its liner in the city. With busy streets and runs scattered around nine different city districts, the job of efficiency was a concern for all bidders.

Solution: StreamLiner UV™ technology was chosen to reline over 100,000 linear feet of sewer. The speed of curing and the strength of the product made it a cost effective choice to get the job done. The City of San Diego now lists StreamLiner UV™ as a product of choice in its city specifications.

Anchorage, Alaska
With dramatic weather conditions a factor with Alaska, a solution was needed to be able to address year round lining. This past winter, several large diameter sewer mains were scheduled for rehabilitation and typical heat cured liners were not an option to get the work done on time.

Solution: StreamLiner UV™ technology was used to reline thousands of feet of sewer lines in temperatures well under 10 below zero. Although the workers were cold, the liner performed well and the City of Anchorage is thrilled with the product.

Department of Defense, San Diego, California
CDM, a design engineering firm, relined over 60,000 feet of sewer lines on Camp Pendleton. The job required liner that could pass high strength testing for heavy weight traffic and stringent pressure test standards of the U.S. Military.

Solution: StreamLiner UV™ technology was chosen due to its high flexural modulus of over 1.5M psi. Liners from 24” to 6” have been installed with military precision.