StreamLinerUV™ HP High Pressure Liner

LightStream's materials research team has developed a new pipe lining product for use in high pressure lines. This patent pending design promises to bring more options to public and private sector entities for the repair of deteriorating pressure pipes. StreamLinerUV™HP combines high strength, high internal pressure and high chemical resistance to set a new standard for CIPP pressure liners.

Groundbreaking Innovation for High Pressure

Internal Pressure Rating
StreamLinerUV™HP, when installed and cured will contain interior pressures of at least 600 psi with a wall thickness of only 5mm. StreamLinerUV™HP is a "stand alone" solution. It requires no assistance from the host pipe in attaining this bursting strength. It is specifically formulated to resist the chemical attack of all hydrocarbon products as well as sewer and municipal water.

Unparalleled Strength
StreamLinerUV™HP has been independently tested,(ASTM D 790), in real world job environments to flexural strengths of over 60,000 psi and flexural modulus exceeding 2.2 million psi. These test results were from samples of 8", 5mm liners. In addition, ASTM D 1599 test results show burst strengths of up to 710psi. Additional research is being performed to increase this number even further.

Unique Design
StreamLinerUV™HP is designed to maintain a minimal wall thickness while delivering high strength and pressure resistance. This is achieved with a patent pending new liner and material design. Combining this new liner construction with our highly chemical resistant resin delivers a new world class standard for CIPP pressure liners.

While not yet approved for use in potable water systems, StreamLinerUV™HP is available for lining all other applications, including force sewer, fire suppression, gasoline, diesel, crude oil and other hydrocarbon bearing transmission lines. StreamLinerUV™HP can be specially designed for the most challenging projects. Cured with LightStream's StreamLinerUV™ Light Train brings all the benefits of UV light curing with this new state-of-the-art lining solution. A world class winning combination.