America's Crumbling Infrastructure

America is one of the most modern countries on earth and Americans take great pride in their communities both locally and nationally. Most Americans believe that they live in neighborhoods that are safe, secure and well maintained. What Americans do not know is the state of the world that lies beneath their streets. What most people never see is a whole host of problems and if not addressed soon, those problems will become an immeasurable burden on the lives of every U.S. citizen.

Infrastructure Decline

There are infrastructure needs in every community such as roads and bridges but sewers and storm drains are breaking and deteriorating at an alarming rate. Broken sewer pipes mean pollutants leaking into the ground water and potential land movement. Water infiltration into those pipes means overtaxed sewage treatment plants. Clogged sewer mains from broken pipes and clogged and broken storm drains create negative environmental impact, health risks and damage to homeowner’s properties.

Money is Tight

There just isn’t enough money to go around these days. The cost of government services are increasing at a rapid rate. As the repair of the underground infrastructure approaches a no option situation, finding the money to fix these serious problems is a real concern. New stimulus money is a great start but any monies devoted to improving infrastructure must be spent wisely with the best return on investment in mind.

Limited, Environmental Options

There are a limited number of cost effective solutions for fixing broken sewer pipes other than just digging them up and replacing them. Other solutions though can bring with them a whole host of issues. They can be environmentally insensitive and disruptive to neighborhoods. Taking one environmental problem with a potentially polluting solution does not solve anything.

The Expectations of the Investment of Tax Dollars

The American tax payer doesn't like to hear that their taxes and fees are being stretched thin and spent unwisely. With ever increasing costs to support local and state governments, whatever taxes or fees are allocated to fix the issues associated with underground infrastructure, must provide a high return on investment (R.O.I.) and the value must be long lasting.

A Quality Solution

Fiberglass UV cured in place pipe is an ideal solution. It has significant advantages over other CIPP products being used today. It is high quality, environmentally friendly and warrants the time and consideration of engineers and city officials.

Speed = Less Time = Better R.O.I

UV cured fiberglass liner is getting lots of attention. It is not only durable, earth friendly, cost competitive and long lasting but it is easy to install and cures fast thereby saving time which equals money. Cities that choose to use fiberglass CIPP liner to repair pipes end up heroes. The taxpayers are happy because their money is spent wisely, neighborhoods are happy because they have less disruption, and contractors can get off the job faster and on to other things. In the end, less time equates to less money.