Pipe Rehabilitation by LightStream, LP

StreamLiner UV™ Light Train - The perfect pipe rehabilitation solution.

The StreamLiner UV™ Light Train is the first all American made and engineered pipe rehabilitation technology, developed by LightStream, LP, for UV curing pipe lining. A leading California mechanical and electrical engineer built the system for pipe rehabilitation with speed, ease of use, reliability and economics in mind.

The Light Train is a turnkey solution for cured in place pipe that fits into an enclosed trailer or truck for portablity and ease of use. While performing pipe rehabilitation, the CIPP unit is easily controlled wirelessly from a portable laptop which can be run from up to 60 feet away from the control unit.

From the computer, monitoring and recording job data is easy. The StreamLiner UV™ Light Train comes standard with on-board video recording, curing reports and digital controls for real-time curing speeds, temperature and pressure. The Light Train can be used on 6 to 51 inch diameter pipe rehabilitation and comes with 750 feet of cable. The system was designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. Software service is performed by our technicians remotely in real time to wherever the liner installation is taking place.

All parts are US made, readily available and meet US power requirements. The unit comes with five sets of liner gates; additional bulbs and most parts can be purchased online.

StreamLiner UV™ Light Train now makes it affordable and convenient for more contractors to take advantage of the US growing market for pipe rehab.

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