Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is UV CIPP?

A. UV CIPP is Ultra Violet Cured In Place Pipe. Ultra violet light is used to cure a resin-impregnated fiberglass liner within an existing defective pipe, resulting in a new pipe far stronger than the original.

Q. What are the advantages of fiberglass liner over felt?

A. With pipe rehabilitation there are many advantages, including far greater strength, longevity, ease of installation, environmental friendliness, neighborhood friendliness, curing time, cost effectiveness, and versatility in hard to access areas. Additionally, our UV cured fiberglass liner will not shrink (felt shrinks up to 13%, requiring residual grouting) or leak (see IKT 2009 report).

Q. How long does StreamLiner UV™ last?

A. The independently tested durable life span is 50 years at a minimum, but it will likely last far longer.

Q. Are education and training available from LightStream?

A. Yes, LightStream, LP has an extensive training program including video instruction and testing, and installation simulation at its manufacturing facility.

Q. What is the cost to become a UV CIPP contractor, and will LightStream LP help establish my company as an installer?

A. LightStream has spent considerable time sourcing the best and most cost effective equipment for successful installation programs. In this effort, we developed a UV light source (“Light Train”) with performance unequalled in the world and yet costing much less than any other available light source.

Q. Nobody in my geographic area has ever heard of UV CIPP. Will LightStream help me qualify UV CIPP so that it can be listed as an approved product in bid specifications?

A. Absolutely, and we will meet with you and your Municipality (or its Agency) to explain its many advantages, and will give references from other Municipalities who may be contacted.

Q. Is there any requirement to refrigerate? Do I have to do anything to the liner prior to installing it?

A. No refrigeration is necessary. The liner is trucked to your destination, and is ready to install with no prep on your part.

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